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A Prince of Shadows is set on a world populated by a race that has seen war and death. Since the Exodus so long ago, when the Kithani race barely escaped a genocide that pushed them to the brink of extinction, self-contained city states naming themselves the Elari have become the last remnants of civilisation. Isolated cultures dwell within walls of stone travel is nearly unknown.

And yet, in the midst of this isolationism, a small number of rangers travel the wild places of the world as traders and the last free Elari. They bring with them tales of far off places, exotic trade goods and Katilas legends. No longer considered Elari, the Katilas represent another of the refugee races. Where Elari shun expansion and travel, for fear that they might restart the wars that almost ended their race, the Katilas shun technology and embrace the sylvan customs of their most ancient ancestors.

In recent years though, the rangers have brought tales of a cloaked woman who walks the wilds without fear and many have turned to the worship of an old faith she is said to have returned to the children of the Kithani. To the atheist Elari cultures, it is a primitive superstition. To the shamanistic Katilas, it is the return of a powerful protector goddess whose very presence speaks of great danger.

And outside one of the small cities, a ranger meets an exile who may represent the last of a line of heroes...


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