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About me? Hmm... Oddly enough, I am not really that good at talking about myself. People tend to think I am joking but here goes...

I was born just outside Bromley, the son of two students. I grew up in modest surroundings and eventually moved down to the small town of Rainham in Kent. At primary-school, I developed a talent for writing and acting. In fact, I wanted to be the Milky-Bar Kid. I also wanted to be a scientist, a racing-driver and a few other things so my parents didn't do anything about it.

When I went to Grammar School, I soon forgot about the stage and turned into a disruptive but highly capable pupil. Somehow I survived all the way to my A-levels without being expelled or just plain throttled by the teachers. That was when I was asked to understudy for a play in a local theatre. It was just a short extract from a Spanish tragedy in a dance-school showcase that my little brother was in. Even so, it was enough to re-ignite my passion for the stage. Nine months later, some might say foolishly, I applied to drama-school.

I studied for a number of years, learning a little of every discipline in the London Fringe. I took a spoecial interest in writing, directing and fight arrangement, but bad luck, throat infections and an eventual injury to my knee pushed me away from theatre until I was yet another resting actor working part-time and finally full-time hours to pay the bills. I had briefly been the artistic director of a theatre company, I had taught swordfighting to young actors, but it was time to pass on.

As a child, I had been fascinated by computer games, but I had never thought to work on them. When I realised that I would have to retrain, I saw my chance to push for something more than a desk-job career and applied to university. My first break was as a level designer, followed a year later by a jump to full-blown games design. My background leant itself to narrative arts and so I was soon liaising with the external writers, a happy accident that put me on the path to narrative design.

I currently work as a designer and narrative specialist, writing A Prince of Shadows in the free time between my daughter and my job; it is slow-going, but it's far from a lost cause. No matter how much I try to slack, I find myself haunted by the story of Elaquine, but I will get through it...


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